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BPW BC & Yukon Executive

Connie Friesen, President

connie-friesenReCropConnie has been involved with BPW since 1999. The BPW mission statement of working to improve the lives of all women was what attracted her to this organization. Since joining, she has been on the Abbotsford executive, including President, then the provincial level, including President, and the national level as Vice President. Currently, she is again the provincial President.

Her business life started as a high school teacher. Then she and her husband became Realtors. After seven years as a licensed Realtor, Connie hung up her license to become the marketing coordinator for her husband. She has also been involved in teaching ESL.

Besides her involvement with BPW, she is also a part of Literacy Matters Abbotsford, an organization that promotes literacy in our city.

Shannon McEwing, Past President

ShanMcEwingSSShannon has been an active member of BPW for over 25 years and strongly believes in the aims and objectives of our organization. She has a strong desire to see BPW continue to thrive and become even more available to women everywhere, not just here at home but also around the world.  During that time Shannon has held all positions on a Club and Provincial level in both Alberta as a member of the Medicine Hat and Calgary Clubs and in British Columbia as a member of the Kamloops Club.

During the terms, she was a Provincial President for Alberta and British Columbia and had the opportunity to sit on the National Board and Shannon also held a Vice President Position for one term.  Her last sitting with National was as Provincial President of British Columbia and during that time she held the portfolio of Personal Development, and her main objective during that time was W.O.R.K. She is currently still on the W.O.R.K. committee, as well as one of the current Vice Presidents for BPW National and the Immediate Past President for BPW BC&Y.

Deanna Evertt, 1st Vice President

DeannaCropREDeanna Evertt has been involved with BPW since the 1980’s. She is a charter member and one of the founders of BPW Abbotsford & Mission in those early years. She is also a charter member and founder of BPW Langley, and currently, the president since the club started up in 2012.

Deanna is Principal and Creative Director of EverBetter Marketing and her role has been to assist clients large and small in the development of strategic positions and creative expressions for their brands.Her clients include personal coaches and authors, as well as local and international corporations. Deanna’s online training combined with her traditional brick and mortar experience has been a powerful resource for her customers locally and all over the world. 

Deanna is an advisory member of the Business & Professional Women (BPW) International Branding Task Force (BPW International is an NGO, not-for-profit formed in 1932 and is in over 100 countries) and the Marketing and Communications Chair for BPW BC & Yukon. Away from brands and her volunteer community work, Deanna enjoys hanging out with her husband and two sons where they live on acreage in the charming countryside of Aldergrove – just outside Vancouver, BC.


Margo Davidson-Wood, Secretary

MargoBPWDayRECropMargo has been a member of BPW since 1990 in various local and provincial capacities and is a very accomplished woman in her industry of Technical Analysis. She owned her own business breaking new ground in the computer technology field. Among her impressive accomplishments, Margo was named in ‘Smart Women of Canada’ and has lived and worked in no less than nine countries.


Barbara Hall, Treasurer

Barbara HallBarbara Hall joined BPW in 1991 because she wanted to be part of the future of decision making for women and girls through the resolutions process that is the basis of BPW. She believes that the only way to really know what an organization is about is to be fully committed and involved. Since 1991 she has held several positions from local club secretary, treasurer, vice president and president. She was the Assistant and Regional Coordinator for BPW from 1994 – 1998, the BPW BC Yukon Vice President and President in 1998 – 2002, the BPW Canada National Secretary-Treasurer 2002 – 2004, National Vice President 2004 – 2006 and National Secretary-Treasurer 2006 – 2009. She has been the BPW BC Yukon Treasurer since 2009.

Barbara is also the Director for Women’s W.O.R.K. (Women Offering Resources & Knowledge) which provides funding for BPW Clubs for Personal Development Seminars. She is the President of the Provincial Council of Women of BC. She is also Secretary for BC Contract Cleaners Association.

Barbara is recently retired from her position as Vice President, Project Management for CFM, a janitorial company and enjoys visiting and spending time with her 2 sons, 2 daughters, and 6 grandchildren.


BPW BC & Yukon Portfolios

Jill Worobec, Budget & Finance

Deanna Evertt, PR & Communications

Susan Friesen, Webmaster


BPW BC & Yukon Club Presidents

BPW Abbotsford, Arlene Simpson

BPW Kamloops, Shannon McEwing

BPW Langley, Deanna Evertt

BPW Victoria, Margo Davidson-Wood