BPW BC President’s Message for January

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Both BPW Langley and BPW Abbotsford had very successful Christmas evenings with entertainment and Silent Auctions.

This January, both clubs have their meetings the same evening, January 17th. Abbotsford would usually meet on January 10th, but have changed the meeting date to the 17th.

BPW Abbotsford will be listening to Susan Friesen speaking of eVision Media on “The Power of Personal Branding and How to become a Positive Influence Through Social Media”.

This should be a great presentation. Check out BPW Abbotsford Facebook page for time, location and tickets.

BPW Langley will be focusing on planning for success in your business. Check out their website for details on time, location and tickets.

Connie FriesenYour president,
Connie Friesen

President’s Message for December

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Both BPW Langley and BPW Abbotsford have had a great fall line-up of speakers.  As this year comes to an end, they have exciting December programs.

BPW Langley is celebrating its 4th annual fundraiser, a Christmas social and Silent Auction.  The live entertainment is by “The Vaudevillians”, a troupe providing a fast-paced family type of entertainment. Men are also invited to this party.

Be prepared to support their Silent Auction and a surprise game with some minimum $10 items that could be worth as much as $50.  This sounds like loads of fun.  You can purchase tickets through their website BPW Langley.

BPW Abbotsford is celebrating Christmas at the very beautiful Sweet Dreams Luxury Inn.  All friends and family are invited.

A book drive is being held to benefit SARA.  Great food, Great company, and a super-special gift from BPW – a Formal Portrait by “photoart by Simpson”.

Tickets can be purchased at BPW Abbotsford on Eventbrite.  See you there!

Connie FriesenYour new president,
Connie Friesen

President’s Message For May

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Let me remind you of our great BPW meetings before our summer break.

BPW Abbotsford will have their wind-up meeting with a speaker on June 14th. The last two meetings are held at the Brambles Bistro at Tanglebank Nursery and are both evening meetings.

BPW Langley continues their evening meetings at Andrea’s Restaurant on May 17th and June 21st. All well worth your time!

On Saturday, June 3rd, BPW B.C. and Yukon will hold its annual AGM at Adrian’s at the Airport from 10 am until noon, followed by a luncheon. All members, and especially all board and executive members of clubs, are invited to attend.

BPW clubs are in over 100 countries of the world, working for the equality of women around the world.

If you can agree with the mission statement of BPW, consider joining a BPW club in your area.  If there is no club in your area, there is now a BPW online club that offers great presentations and workshops.  Check it out on the BPW Canada website!

Connie FriesenYour new president,
Connie Friesen

100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage (women’s right to vote). The journey for women’s rights, including the right to own property, to take out a mortgage or open a bank account, has been a long one.

Throughout history, women have been fighting for equality. In 1755, women in Corsica were able to vote, only for it to be revoked in 1768. And in 1776, women in New Jersey also had the right to vote, only to be excluded in 1807.

In Canada, the Famous Five sought to have women legally considered ‘PERSONS’ granting women the opportunity to be appointed to the Senate in 1929. Outside the Senate, in the National Parliament Buildings, statues of The Famous Five stand tall.

There have been so many incredible Canadian women who have fought for our rights and inclusion in male-dominated professions. Some of these groundbreaking women are Cairine Wilson (1st female Senator), Mary Ellen Smith (1st women Cabinet Minister in the British Empire), Mary Ann Shadd (1st black female newspaper Editor), Emily Howard Stowe (1st female practicing Doctor).

In honour of the 100th year of Women’s Suffrage, we should all spend some time to learn more about these courageous women that persevered giving us some of the rights and freedoms we have today.

BPW stands for equal rights, working in balance, for both men and women, for a better future.


Your new president,
Connie Friesen


(BPW) BC & Yukon AGM 2015 Recap

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The 2015 Business & Professional Women (BPW) BC & Yukon AGM was a great success this weekend in Mission. President Heather Stewart did an amazing job in organizing and running the event. We are very grateful for the amount of time and commitment she has given to BPW.

BPW BC & Yukon, Treasurer, Barbara Hall gave a good financial report with some strong projections for our next term. Past 1st VP BPW International, Jill Worobec, gave a fascinating report on the International BPW scene and BPW BC & Yukon Past President, Shannon McEwing gave us insight to the interesting National BPW activities.

It was a proud moment to hear that BPW BC & Yukon clubs are leading the growth in BPW nationally!

Our BPW BC & Yukon, Vice President, Maggie Reimer has stepped down and therefore there was a vacancy on the board for the remaining 1 year term. BPW Langley Charter Member, Camille Bowling was nominated as 2nd VP and she graciously accepted. We welcomed her fresh ‘newbie’ insights and some great brainstorming took place as we discussed our marketing and communication direction.

The hot topic of the day and evening was the wage gap. Earlier in the day, a review on the status of Equal Pay Day in British Columbia, was given by BPW Langley president, Deanna Evertt. BC is one of only 3 provinces that does not have specific pay equity legislation.

A report in May 2014 from the CUPE website, also showed that women in BC have fared the worst across Canada, as not only has their pay gap narrowed at the slowest pace – only 3 percentage points since 1997, with no improvement over the last decade – but their wages have also increased at the slowest rate of all provinces. The review has led to the start of a resolution process and a plan to lobby government at all levels for BC women.

BPW BC/Yukon AGM 2015Members of the Legislative Assembly – Simon Gibson from the Liberal Party and Selina Robinson from the New Democratic Party each presented our group with words of support and appreciation.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla, 1st Vice President of BPW Canada. Jenny is an immigration lawyer in Calgary and we were honoured that she travelled out to BC for our AGM.

She gave us a very inspiring presentation on the wage gap across Canada and the work that is being done by BPW worldwide. It was very powerful and moving. Jenny is a woman with great conviction and it was clearly evident in the video she showed us of the rally that she led in Calgary this past winter.

Thank you to all the strong leaders that not only attended that day, that have been working tirelessly behind the scenes – some for 6 decades! There were a few attendees that have been national presidents in the past, as well as some that have sat on the executive for BPW International.

agm-2015-equal-payIt is through dedicated women such as yourselves that we will bring about awareness on the wage gap, violence against women & children and other important women’s issues so that we can improve conditions for all women in BC and in Canada.

BPW was founded Internationally in 1930 and we have an amazing history and legacy that we – in Jenny’s words, “must continue with conviction”!

View the rest of the photos from the BPW BC & Yukon 2015 AGM & Conference here.